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Adventures 4 Fun was founded in 2007, designed to motivate adventurous souls to push their envelop in outdoor recreation and nature. Now an avid cyclist, hiker, skier, and competitor in numerous endurance events, my passion extends towards training and elevating others to achieving their outdoor profilephotogoals. My participation in the Ironman and Olympic size triathlons, Leadville 50 and 100 MTB races, TransAlp Europe, Sea Otter bike race, and several marathons and double century bike races has provided me the experience to train others in outdoor recreation. Though currently specializing in training for and hosting endurance bike rides, I will also challenge you to extended multi-sport worldwide cultural events.

The Endurance Events listed on this site have been strategically chosen as challenging activities to push the envelope both physically and mentally. I have had personal experience participating in all of them, and have selected my favorites to share them with you. Please use the contact form to let me know which event(s) interest you, and I will help you train in achieving your goals to get there successfully.

TEAM Israel, the team I currently race with, hosts road rides and mountain bike rides three days a week. These are listed under Weekly Rides. Please contact me if you would like to train with us and I will send you information on route locations each week.

Check out TEAM Israel on Facebook, watch our YouTube videos, or rate us on Yelp.

Join Adventures 4 Fun. Ride, challenge your limits, and explore the outdoors.

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8 comments on “About Adventures4Fun”

  1. Don Osterholt Reply

    I had the best trip to Israel I could have possibly imagined. Isaac not only organized every last detail but convinced me to see some sites I would have otherwise skipped. The guide Isaac referred was incredibly knowledgeable and was just a delight to spend several days with. This was hands down the best trip I’ve ever taken. Thank you so much Isaac for making my trip to Israel magical.

    • Don Osterholt Reply

      It was a pleasure setting up the trip to Israel for you and Yami.
      Looking forward to assisting with your next adventure.

      Isaac Goren

  2. Elkan Ninary Reply

    Isaac was helping me sailing by used bike, all I had to do is bring the bike to him and he did everything else with love and professionalism, he sold the bike in less 24 hours
    Thanks you Isaac!!!!

  3. Lior Reply

    Malibu tri !!!

    Isaac and Bonnie thank you for putting together this great event
    Thank you for the training and the photos and everything that in between
    It was great to train and to do The event with rest of the group

  4. Guy Zukerman Reply

    Malibu Tri,
    I would like to thank you on behalf of “Team Israel Tri Group” for an amazing triathlon experience starting with very well prepared weekly training sessions all the way to the finish line…
    Your personal care and dedication to our success is beyond imagination, You treated each on of us as your own brother.
    Also thank you for opening your home for us during the training sessions, including amazing food by Bonnie. (It’s not obvious…)
    Looking forward for the next adventure…..

    Thank you and Bonnie from the bottom of our hearts.
    “Team Israel Tri Group”
    Guy Z., Guy A., Shai, Lior , Elkan , Marcelo & Gabi

  5. Shai reb Reply


    Thanks for the great skiing day at Mountain High, Your patients and your calm demeanor helped me learn a lot and I feel I can almost go out there on my own with out hesitations. From planning the ride there and back and everything in between, I thank you for a great ski day!!


  6. Daniel Darmon Reply

    Dear Isaac,

    We wanted to express to you our deepest gratitude for all that you do for Team Israel. Without you we would not be the team that we are today. We all definitely consider you a team leader. We appreciate all your hard work in organizing all our races and trips from start to finish. Your complete dedication to us and our team makes it all an easy and smooth process which allows us to have fun and enjoy our time together. We all know that Isaac has taken care of everything, you are always there for any of our bicycle needs. You are an incredible person and a great friend and we wanted to show you how much you are truly appreciated and look forward to many many more races together!

    All our love, Team Israel

  7. Debbie Weniger Reply

    Last December I cycled for 16 days in Israel and Jordan. It’s an organised and fully supported bicycle tour basically from the Dead Sea to the Red Sea with a hop on the quintessential Israel climb that involves conquering Scorpion’s Ascent. The tour started in Jerusalem on a Sabbath in order to avoid traffic in the morning and we visited places in Israel like the Masada, Ein Gedi and Ben Gurion memorial site. A very knowledgeable Israeli tour guide enlightening people like me about the Jewish faith and the Holy Land. Half the trip was spent in Jordan where a Jordanian tour company took over in guiding us thru Petra and thru the Jordanian side of the Dead Sea. We came back to Jerusalem via Palestinian controlled areas. It’s one of the best cycling tour I have ever done and I have cycled in France, Italy, Switzerland, Canada and Spain. Israel is a gem, in terms of cycling. I encourage everyone to experience it.

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