Sea Otter Bike Week Event – April 2017

“Challenge your abilities”

Road and Mountain Bike Race – 26th Anniversary

Sea Otter Classic

Sea Otter Classic

For nearly a quarter century Sea Otter has drawn riders from around the world to become part of the greater Monterey Bay Community. Whether as an athlete or enthusiast, all have enhanced their lives by participating in the world’s unabashed celebration of cycling. Motivate each rider to the next level as you will be starting each race on Laguna Seca’s world famous race track.

20 mile MTB race with 3,000ft elevation gain.

Date: April 21 to 23, 2017
Event Location: Monterey, CA
We will be leaving from the Valley by carpool
Time: 9:00AM, returning at 9:00pm Sunday
Cost: $300 – $550 (includes race entry, transportation food and accommodations)*

*Price is based on 4+ participants. Final fee will be calculated at the end of the event.


Friday: Carpool to Monterey

  • 5hr. drive to Monterey in the motorhome
  • Visit the event exhibits (over 100 vendors)
  • Dinner in the motorhome

Saturday: Ride the Course and Relax

  • Ride one loop of the race route in the morning
  • Relax and enjoy the festival
  • Dinner in the motorhome

Sunday: 20 mile MTB Race Day

  • Breakfast and prepare for the MTB race
  • Race begins at 9:00AM, 19 miles w/ elevation gain
  • Celebrate!
  • Drive the motorhome home
  • Dinner on the road

Gear Checklist

  1. Road and MTB bike (fully tuned and lubricated)
  2. Fresh bike tubes
  3. 24 oz bottle on each bike
  4. Power bars
  5. Electrolyte powder
  6. Bike riding gear – Pack light – we will be camping in the motorhome
  7. Cleaning supplies and bike materials
  8. Warm jackets – Monterey Weather Channel to check for colder weather
  9. Rain gear
  10. Toiletries, towels, sleeping bag
  11. ID, Medical card, $$$

Event Guidelines

  • We will have one motorhome parked on the race track
  • Depending on the number of participants, Adventures4Fun may rent a home in Monterey for all of us to stay at. Therefore, we will be carpooling with our race bikes.
  • You may choose to race Road, MTB, or both. Please indicate at time of payment which races you will participate in.
  • Isaac will provide a full layout/ explanation of the race on Friday and Sunday
  • You are 100% responsible to inspect your bikes fully and maintain during the race. Make sure your bike is functioning well
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be prepared in the motorhome with few exceptions
  • If you have special food you need before and during the race, please bring it with you
  • Not a recommended event for beginner riders
  • Please be on time

Registration & Payment

Message Isaac Goren to approve your registration for this event.
Upon approval, send Adventures4Fun $300 deposit by check or PayPal
Deposit due: March 15th; thereafter, $550
All deposits are non-refundable. 

Make checks payable to:
26500 W. Agoura Rd. #124
Calabasas, CA 91302

PayPal PayPal account:

Ready to register? Want to invite a TEAM-mate? Other questions?
Contact Isaac Goren


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