TEAM Israel “The Plunge”

TEAM Israel is getting to be known by the Israeli newspaper Chadasot USA! The following article was featured in the newspaper. Read the transcription here, written by Isaac Goren:

“17 Israelis, 17 Mountain Bikes, 4 trucks and unmeasurable energy with positive attitude all headed up to Sequoia, CA on Friday morning last week for a Mountain Bike ride of a life time.”

You don’t often see so many bikes on back of pickup trucks heading north on Highway 5. But, June 26 at 10 am TEAM Israel did.

The missionTogether, ride one of the most Epic downhill MTB ride in Southern California knows as “Cannell Trail”

The Goal – complete the ride together without getting hurt.

The event was organized and directed by Guy Avital. Guy managed to get 17 of the team members together for a two day event. Sharing rides, hotel rooms, bike gear, places to eat etc. Guy with Roie and Omri help, had prepared a full breakfast before our Saturday ride. We are all grateful to have such an organizer on our team.

After our drive up north, checking into our hotel room and house, some riders were not able to rest and had to go out for a ride while temperatures were over 100 in Kernville (where we stayed). After a short drive up at 6,000+ elevation 9 of us MTB and got a taste what’s ahead of us – SATURDAY.

We had Shabbat Dinner at a local restaurant where Guy had prearranged the full dinner including what we were going to be served. Lucky for the restaurant there were very few other guests since we could not keep the excitement down and were very loud.

Saturday morning after final bike inspection, breakfast and checking out of the hotel we headed out to where prearranged vans with trailers were ready to take us and our bikes up to the top of Sherman Pass at 9,343 ft elevation. With Mt. Whitney in the back ground photo we started our long waited MTB experience.

TEAM Israel riders = Alon Naor, Alon Sahar, Aran Manor, Barak Belkin, Daniel Darmon, Guy Avital, Guy Zukerman, Isaac Goren, Yossi Bechor, Joe Pitussi, Yossi Saban, Lior Wener, Mickey Ginat, Nir Friedman, Omri Oshri, Roie Maor, Ronen Ben Hamo

It was EPIC – being together with your close friends in the wilderness on a bike, single track, blue sky and knowing that you are safe, made this day a special one to remember for a long time. We climbed 1,856 ft witch was not easy since we were at a high elevation to be being. BUT most of the trail was downhill at times very technical and other time technical. This was not a ride for beginners or novices rider. In addition to having experience in Mountain Biking we all had to carry lots of water and food to sustain yourself for the over 5 hours ride in the woods.

The trail, views, trees, meadows kept on changing as we descent down towards Kernville. We had two injury (not serious) and no bike issues. The trail had no reception and no way for rescues to bail us out (only by helicopter) making the ride more serious.

Cannell Trail – The Plunge = Starting at 9,343 ft on Sherman Pass in Sequoia National Forest and ending in Kernville 2,802 elevation. 24.8 miles long  90% singletrack, 8,183 ft of downhill and 1,856’ of climbing. Average downhill grade of 8% with maximum of 26%. Ride that can defiantly burn your routers and melt your new brake pads…

As we all rolled into Kernivlle we realized how lucky we are to have only two injuries and jumped into the river celebrating the completion of our mission and concurring our GOAL.

TEAM Israel has just elevated its riders to a new level. So when you are out on the trail in the LA area and see a rider with a TEAM Israel uniform —- look out and know that if you were in need of help be assure that you will get it…