Tri TEAM Israel Took the Challenge: Olympic Distance Triathlon Malibu

The following article about TEAM Israel training for and participating in the Nautica Malibu Triathlon was featured in the Chadasot USA newspaper. Read the transcription here, written by Isaac Goren:

It all began in February of this year when Shai Rebichia approached me and said “Put together a group and train us to race in a Triathlon”. So it began… with 8 of Team Israel members the training started in March of 2015.

Each week a training program was mailed out to the members with very specific directions. Team training were on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at Calabasas swimming pool in the early mornings. Twice a week fast pace bike rides around Westlake Lake with a run to follow.

It was slow at first as the training got longer and faster. By June we were riding 20 miles at an average speed of 20.5 MPH. Some of the team members were running at the 7:30 minutes a mile pace. We developed our swimming technic allowing us to swim for over ½ hour with no stops.

Doctor Alon Noar (team Israel member) joined us early mornings at the swimming pool and worked to assist each racer individually. Alon was a professional swimmer for over 20 years. His expertise and assistance was very well received by all the racers.

Jeff Waldberg (Ortho Pro) gave the team a full lecture on how to run and avoid injuries. Using overhead projector in his clinic we all learned how to run properly, cadence and how to land. Being that we ranged from 36 to 57 years old there was lots of concern on how we will do on the run.

The Malibu Triathlon is an Olympic distance. It starts at 7 am with a swim of 1.5K in the ocean, then a very fast transition taking off the wet suit and getting into riding close. The bike is next with a ride of 40K along PCH (rolling hills), back to the transition area to switch into running gear and onto the last lag of 10K run along the beach on the boardwalk.

Just imagine having to swim as fast as you can in the ocean then bike as hard as you possibly imagine and complete with a fast pace run. All under 3 hours… NOT EASY.

To complete the training weeks before the event we assembled at Zuma beach in Malibu on Saturdays early morning were the race was to take place. Swim, bike and run. First few times shorter distances as we increased to the full distance then work on speed.

Class were given in my house every few months going over every aspect of the race. Even teaching / learning how to study the current for proper entry to the water. Lots of small tips were shared helping making it all smooth, especially at the transition. I have given few Triathlon training in the past and personality has done Ironman, few 1/2Ironman, few Olympic distance and lots of sprint triathlons.

The morning of September 19, 2015 by 6:30 am the racers were anxious to start. The transition area was fully set up, wet suite on, goggle and hat in hand READY. It was a hot day at the beach. Each team member completed his race with unbelievable time epically as their first triathlon. There were close to 2,000 racers all in different category. Family members and Team Israel riders were there to support.

It was a day that will be remembered especially for: Shai Rebichia, Guy Zukerman, Guy Avital, Lior Werner, Elkan Ninary, Gabi Abayov, Marcelo Teyer and me…

Few days after the completion of our mission the team had presented a very hart warming gift with this note:

“Triathlons success is not measured if you win or lose, but in the hours, weeks, months you spend preparing for it. The knowledge you’ve shared, the passion you’ve passed on, the loyalty you’ve exhibited, inspired us all” THANK YOU ISAAC

Tri TEAM Israel: Shai, Guy Z, Guy A., Lior, Elkan, Gabi and Marcelo